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Small dishes

The appetizers are designed to whet your appetite and are meant to be enjoyed with a pre-dinner drink, a glass of sparkling wine or wine. You then move on to the starter, main course and dessert.

Hasselback potatoes / SEK 89

Roe - Sour cream - Onion

Karré / SEK 69

Dried karré from Nyhlen Hugossons

Served with chorizo ​​emulsion

Artichoke / SEK 65

Cottage cheese - Herbs - Chips

Goat cheese / SEK 69

Deep-fried goat cheese with panko

Served with chive emulsion and pickled onions



Autumn's starters draw ingredients and inspiration from the forests of Norrbothnia. Many of our ingredients are locally grown and picked; simply for the good taste and to give you the opportunity to enjoy all the goodness that our beautiful Luleå has to offer. We look forward to sharing this unique dining experience with you!

Artichoke / SEK 159

Served as a creamy soup, with lingonberries and chips.

Raw steak / SEK 225

Minced beef fillet. Served with capers, buckwheat and pickled silver onion, chive oil, potato hash and chorizo ​​emulsion.

Mushroom toast / SEK 212

Butter-fried toast with moose grillette and cream stew of chanterelles.

Chevice / SEK 179

Served with mustard, lemon and onion as well as mustard emulsion, pickled onion and cucumber with fried parsnips.

Junköfishers' roe / SEK 245

Freshly baked waffle is served with pickled onions, Junköfishers' roe, sour cream and all the love needed for the perfect roe waffle.


Main dishes

Norrbotten is known for its culinary delights and our menu is a reflection of that. Our hot dishes are the result of a great culinary pleasure combined with our guests' favorite flavors.  Here you will find the best that the sea, the forest and the garden have to offer, all on one plate. Ask us and we will advise you on the perfect drink that will make your taste buds sing.

Beetroot / SEK 249

Served with a lovely creamy polenta cake and brussels sprouts, pickled onions and chive emulsion.

Cod / SEK 349

Served with pea puree, white wine sauce and pickled pears

And a baked cod loin.

Char / SEK 339

Butter-fried char fillet. Served with mashed potatoes and creamy white wine sauce, pickled cucumber and fennel. Topped with trout roe and dill.


Every week we work with different cuts of beef. Ask our staff and they will tell you more about the beef served this evening. 

Grilled cut of beef is served with harricots greens and Vindeln smoked flank pork, truffle emulsion and red wine sauce and French fries.

Raindeer / SEK 459

Fried in butter, served with roasted celeriac purée, blueberries, fir shoots and pickled chanterelles.

Beef fillet from Ostrobothnia / SEK 390

Grilled beef fillet served with haricots verts and Vindel smoked pork, truffle emulsion and red wine sauce and French fries.



End the meal with something sweet and tasty. Our desserts offer something for all tastes. Everything from the season's finest blueberries, picked in the local area, cranberries from Övertorneå, chocolate and the evening's cheese. We are sure you will find something for you!

Cloudberry / SEK 145

Cloudberries from Övertorneå. Redcurrant mylta and redcurrant mousse, served with our homemade wafers and white chocolate ice cream.

Raspberries / SEK 145

Delicious lemon sorbet served with soft almond cake and nuts.

Chocolate ganache / SEK 135

Served with pistachios and sea buckthorn curd and peanuts.

Crème brûlée / SEK 109

Classic dessert with the taste of vanilla and crackers.

Cheese of the evening  / SEK 155

The kitchen's choice of cheese  is served  with marmalade and crackers.


Menu Arkipelag Luleå

Many dishes can be taken away with a 10% discount. Call 0920 - 222 155 to book. In case of allergies, please contact us in advance so that you will receive the best possible service!

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